Raise your glass to your new favourite cyber baroque princess of fluidity and visual distortion. In todays highly homogenous culture, radical is never short of finding 
new meanings and with Gizem Erhan – aka Cassandra – coming from Istanbul, it reaches another level of self-expression and candour.

Cassandra notes that her aim is to evolve humanity against social rules and their god figures, while she takes photos of herself as an alien undergoing multiple plastic surgeries, highlighting her advocacy of blurred gender lines.

The 17-years-old’s outstanding altered clip-art images are a testament to her personal cause, fluctuating between cyber gothic bubble gum imagery and dark wave iconography. Often calling herself “Devil’s Mistress”, Cassandra’s interdisciplinary exploration of self-imagery is sometimes eerie and raw, often obscure and grotesque but always extraordinary and subversive.





I am from another galaxy. The galaxy is what cannot be explored and most probably will not be explored throughout the races.


Perhaps a simulation?
The ones that are created like me just play
the role of a microorganism, or for a better word, are extras. They live in their own little habitat.


They born, live and disappear with bodies that are a burden to them and brains they can use a small portion of. During this time, they satisfy themselves with earthly pleasures and do not question the existence.
They look at the mirror until they find something wrong with themselves,
They look, they look.
For hours, for years, maybe for centuries. I did, too.
I looked at my image, I have a hard time feeling it belongs to me and I questioned.


Why am I like this?
I didn’t want to carry the traces of where I came from on my anatomy, in my expressions, on my mimics.


I have had various plastic surgeries for the sake of changing myself. My eyes, my lips, my skin, my shoulders…
I was stuck in form, like this universe was not already small enough, I imprisoned my body with my thoughts.


And I was satisfied, in order to satisfy others, the colony I am living with.
I went along with the standards they imposed on me and spent all I have, to at least feel “beautiful”.


 There is no trace
 from my own
I am alienated to myself.
But at least, now “I am beautiful”.

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